Service Overview

1. Assessment & Estimate

The first time when we visit your property, we will give you an assessment of how much your potential income is going to be and an estimate of any necessary maintenance, supplies, and furniture before starting.

2. Listing & Staging

As soon as your property is ready to start, our listing specialist will expose your property in several different websites to start getting bookings. Meanwhile, our staging expert is going to smartly set your home 100% guest-ready without breaking your wallet.

3. Booking

Once your listing is up for reservations, our guest correspondence team will be answering any inquiries 24/7. We provide guests smooth and seamless check-in process and ensure a great stay.

4. Housekeeping

Our own housekeeping team specialized in vacation home provides fresh linen, towels, and dust-free furniture. They will get your property ready on same-day check-ins.

5. Finance

At all times, your property will be on smart pricing which fluctuates according to the local events and demand. We will be in charge of your expenses such as taxes, insurance, and accounting. Know your cash flow in a snapshot!

6. Property Security

Your place will be safe with secure access and smart lock technology. Post-guest maintenance and routine check-ups are our key to keep your property nice and sound.